10 Most Popular Indica Strains

  1. Indica Strains List Top 10
  2. Kush Strains
  3. Purple Strains
  4. Afghani Strain
  5. Blueberry Strains

There are many top indica strains and many more coming out every year. We’ll tell you about a few of the top classic strains and a few of the favorite new school strains. This indica strains list shows the main strains indica strains to try. We will break down some of the most popular indica families to know the roots of many of the newer strains.

Indica strains tend to be heavy and solid, in flower texture, smell, and effect. Indicas dense features can be attributed to most of the genetics coming from high altitudes or northern climates. Most Indica strains are much more tolerant of the cold than sativa strains. Their dense buds and compact structure allows them to stay warmer in the cold. Indica strains are usually able to be harvested earlier in the seasons. Many Indica strains are ready in August, while some sativa strains aren’t ready until after December.

Indicas compact growth makes them very good for indoor grows. They are able to provide a larger yield in less space while taking less time. This is why Indica strains are so popular in cities. Indica strains are much more economical for indoor growers. Their effects are also very helpful for city environments where residents need something to relax from all the noise and chaos. The indica strains list below will show some of the most popular indica strains of all time.

Indica Strains Wide Leaf Structure
Indica Strains Wide Leaf Structure

Indica Strains List Top 10

  1. OG Kush

  2. Blueberry

  3. Afghani

  4. Northern Lights

  5. Bubba Kush

  6. Master Kush

  7. Mr. Nice

  8. Purple Urkle

  9. Purple Kush

  10. Hash Plant

Kush Strains

Kush strains are some of the most popular around today. Kush strains can be very potent, this quality has made them infamous amongst smokers. OG Kush strain is by far the most popular kush strain as well as being the most popular strain. There are endless varieties of OG Kush. The one thing most OG’s have in common is their effects come on strong. When smoking OG Kush, a little bit will go a long way. If you are looking for a good quality kush strain, OG is usually the top choice.

Indica Strains Purple

Cannabis has a tendency to go purple when it is grown cold. This may be a reason there are so many different purple indica cannabis strains. Indica strains purple family has many very popular strains that are great for sleep, appetite and relaxation. Purple strains usually are accompanied with the munchies. They make you want to eat until you can’t eat anymore. Kush strains tend to have a bit more head effect than the purple strains.

Grandaddy Purple is known for this effect. It makes you feel very lazy and hungry. It’s almost like you have no desire to do anything but eat. This isn’t such a bad feeling because food tastes so incredible while smoking a purple strain.

Afghani Strain

Afghani is one of the most popular indica strains and was used to create many of the new strains everyone knows and loves today. There are many different landraces from Afghanistan but the classic Afghani strain is known for fat buds that are covered in resinous trichomes.

The Afghanistan regions are known for producing hash. The cannabis grown in these regions has been bred for hundreds of years to produce heavy amounts of potent trichomes. Afghani strain effects are very tiring.

Afghani plants have a large bushy structure.
Afghani plants have a large bushy structure.

The afghani strain is one of the best strains for helping you get to sleep. The afghani strain was used in many crosses to help increase the yield and trichome production. Hashplant is a strain with genetics shared with afghani. One of the most popular indica strains with afghani in it is the strain blueberry.


Blueberry Strains

Blueberry strains are well-known for an unbelievably sweet aroma and flavor. Blueberry was on top of the indica strains list because you will almost always see a blueberry strain on a cannabis menu. Because of blueberries indica genetics, it has a very mellow relaxing high. It usually puts a smile on your face and makes things very funny.

Blueberry strains usually bring on an appetite, so prepare to be hungry after an hour. The buds can be very beautiful and the smells are amazing. The afghani genetics give it a very fruity aroma that has to be experienced.

Anytime you hear the name blue in a strain, it’s because the strain has blueberry. Blueberry bred with other strains can have endless different aromas. Blueberry strains that are popular are blue dream, blue cheese and blue cookies. If you haven’t tried any blueberry strains before, you should definitely find a good batch.

blueberry indicas dense flower structure
blueberry indicas dense flower structure

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